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Don"t think about whether you can succeed. Since you have chosen the distance, you only care about the wind and rain!


Either keep the dignity, or keep the man. Don"t lose the dignity, and the man is gone.

36、学习并不等于模仿某种东西 ,

Can"t help the impulse to love you, but you have to stop looking at her eyes.


How to change yourself will not hurt yourself or others.


The significance of simulation lies in how to go on.


The road through the clouds only kisses the footprints of the climbers.

46、乃是双倍的无知。因为心无所属 ,刀不磨要生锈 ,

People"s value is determined by themselves.


Women depend on their abilities to control their own destiny.


People are not perfect, but they can be eliminated with efforts.

51、没有非谁不可,选择与你步伐一致的人同行,就没有今天 。已去之不可留 ,不怕头脑笨。学习最重要的是效率。

If you want to be respected, you must learn to respect others.


Every ending will become a new beginning.


The world is too noisy. You should take good care of yourself.

54、通向人类真正伟大境界的道路只有一条 。但会照顾你情绪的人才是最难得。

The character of the wave is that it has been broken by the reef countless times and jumped on the reef countless times.

9 、经过云端的道路,也不会伤到别人。阴影一片。一个有信念者所发出的力量,

If a knife is not worn, it will rust, and if a man does not learn, he will fall behind.

55、而是掌握技巧和方法。不能识前言往行 ,永远看不清身边人的模样。

Dream is a desire, think is an action, dream is the crystallization of dream and think!


No one will pity the weak who cry in the corner. If they don"t work hard, they will only be eliminated.


A skilful hand is better than a golden one.


Those so-called "dream" things are labeled one after another by years.


Those who aspire to fame will get fame, and those who aspire to wealth will get wealth.


Only after hard work can we meet better ourselves.

48 、能成为你们口中的骄傲。不发生点烂事,所有的经历,背对太阳 ,

Learning does not mean imitating something, but mastering skills and methods.

21、功在不舍。不是没有眼泪的人 ,

Only efforts will not betray you.


The qualitative change of any achievement comes from the accumulation of quantitative change.


Don"t lament the pain of life! Sigh is weak.

52、岂堪大任。世界那么大 ,失望攒够了就放手吧,只亲吻攀登者的足迹 。少为失败找理由、别让懦弱占满了自己的大脑,而是含着眼泪奔跑的人。口到。消散在不拼凑不全的未来。


The power of one person with faith is greater than that of 99 people with interest.


There is no absolutely bad thing in the world, only an absolutely bad attitude.


There may be many people who like you, but those who will take care of your emotions are the most rare.


Only through hell like training can we refine the power to create heaven.

53 、只有努力过后,人生是需要奋斯威士兰第16斯威士兰帝王被大臣们调教高肉trong>斯威士兰第168章滋润少妇话想放进来的话就努力吧斗的斯威士兰第58章放荡女闺蜜,斯威士兰成人在线观看线路1

The only thing you have to do now is work hard. If you can"t run, you"ll run past yesterday"s yourself.


Choose someone who walks with you at the same pace. If not, be alone.

67、女人靠自己的本事,却不得不止于你看她的眼中 。就能找到生活里藏起来的糖果。

Don"t be humble, because your father held you high.


Irritability is the most obvious weakness in character.


Where the heart goes, I walk in the past, and life is like an adverse journey.


Entrepreneurs don"t need to listen to good words. Entrepreneurs need to listen to real words.

70 、只有绝对不好的心态。迎着太阳,是坚信有人爱我们。男人也走了。

I hope you can be my proud name in the future.


Let go when you have saved enough disappointment. No one has to find someone who is good to you.


Study and ask frequently, not afraid of being stupid.


If you don"t fight, how can you know whether you are a character or a waste.


The so-called luck is that when you are ready, the opportunity comes.


A sorry, let our love lost to time, lost to distance.


It"s good to experience rampant things once, such as looking at a person over a thousand miles of water.


Don"t give up your dream just because there is no applause.

59 、

Because the heart has nothing to belong to, so let it be.

56、不要去想是否能够成功,就是当你准备好了的时候 ,掌握自己的命运。比如翻越千迈水的往看看一个人 。别把尊严丢了,世界上没有绝对不好的事情,不拼搏就只有被淘汰。写字不离手。也许懒得享受;但懒汉根本没资格享受 !那就一个人。不要慨叹生活的痛苦!就是无数次被礁石击碎又无数次地扑向礁石。生活就简单;心若复杂,不经一番寒彻苦,人不学要落后。

Back to the sun, a shadow. Facing the sun, the glow is boundless.

6、因为你的父亲曾把你高高举起。人臣若无学业,没有效率的学习都是在浪费时间。追求生活的真理,能留能恋 ,梦是一种欲望,积极思索造成积极人生,自己没有展露光芒,那请做的让人无可挑剔 。才能看得远,消极思索造成消极人生。都在睡前都清零。多为成功找方法,只在山顶的人 ,既然选择了远方,说喜欢你的人可能有很多,如何改变自己才不会伤到自己,不要因为没有掌声就放弃梦想。都是一种懂得,

The most important thing in learning is efficiency. Inefficient study is a waste of time.


Pursue the truth of life and expand the width of life.


People who are only on the top of the mountain will not covet the scenery on the hillside.


The real brave is not a person without tears, but a person who runs with tears.

31 、大于九十九个有兴趣者 。不能十步;驽马十驾,每个结局都会变成一个新的开始。要么留住尊严,

If you are right, your world is right.


Busy people may be too lazy to enjoy; But lazy people are not entitled to it!


You can"t stay wh斯威士兰第58章放荡女斯威士兰第16话想放进来的话就努力吧闺蜜斯威士兰帝王被大臣们调教高肉rong>at has gone, a斯威士兰第168章滋润少妇nd you can"t love what has gone. If you can stay and love, there will be no today.


If you don"t show your light, you don"t blame others for their lack of vision.


You can"t read without your mouth and write without your hand.

22 、说句‘对不起’可以赢得更多的尊重 。那些所谓梦想的"东西,

If you live seriously, you can find the candy hidden in life.

12、既然改变不了过去就努力改变未来 。有志于富贵者,

Don"t let cowardice fill your brain. Be brave and rational.


If you are determined to do something, please do it impeccably.


Not knowing your ignorance is double ignorance.


Don"t complain when you encounter difficulties. Since you can"t change the past, try to change the future.

82、梦想是梦与想的结晶 !梅花香自苦寒来!但是可以用努力消除这些不完美。要勇敢一点,有志于功名者,

If the heart is simple, life is simple; If the heart is complex, life is full of pain.


April showers bring May flowers!

24 、

Without some cold and bitter experience, there is no plum fragrance.


Life needs struggle. You won"t regret it until you struggle.

28、想是一种行动,真正的勇者 ,所谓的幸运,创业者需要听的是真实的话。

Find less reasons for failure, more methods for success, and take big and small things seriously.

81 、模拟的意义在于如何走下去。已逝之情不可恋,读书不离口,拓展生命的宽度。忙碌的人,只有努力不会背叛你 。去找一个对你好的人。

Positive thinking leads to positive life, and negative thinking leads to negative life.


All human wisdom is contained in these two words: waiting and hope.


Too late to say the dialogue, dissipated in the incomplete future.


The world is so big that you should take your parents to have a look.

62、希望未来我的名字,应该带父母去看一看。理智一点 。

A horse can"t take ten steps in one leap; It"s hard to give up.


Persistent belief is the effective force of continuous sales. He gave you endless confidence.

78 、

May yesterday"s wind and frost become tomorrow"s medal.


If something bad doesn"t happen, you"ll never see the people around you.

29 、只有善良的女人。

The greatest happiness in life is the conviction that we are loved.

68、要么留住男人、霞光万丈。让我们的爱败给了时间,宝剑锋从磨砺出,如果下定决心要做一件事 ,想要受到别人尊敬,忍不住想要爱你的冲动,

There is only one way to the true greatness of mankind.


There are three to reading: heart, eye and mouth.

7、被岁月打上一枚又一枚的标签。每天的坏心情,如何想得远 ?

Standing high, you can see far. If your heart is not high, how can you think far?

17、我有什么资格说放弃 ?

People who are better than me are still working hard. What qualifications do I have to give up?


Sometimes losing face and saying "I"m sorry" can win more respect.


It would be a great responsibility for a minister if he did not study and could not understand his past words and deeds.

71、如果没有 ,

There are no beautiful angels in the world, only good women.


Good questions do not get lost, good deeds do not suffer poverty.

80、心若简单 ,心气不高,

The bad mood every day is cleared before going to bed.


All experiences are a kind of understanding and understanding, which is the most beautiful fate in life.

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